View from the hill near Schumpert Pond


Encompassing 360 acres, the Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge(SIWR) is a wildlife sanctuary with recreational use by the general public.

The refuge is managed for use as:

u a wildlife sanctuary.

u an area for hiking, observation & other forms of low-impact use.

u an educational facility for schools, groups and organizations.

u a demonstration area for land use and habitat management techniques.

u a research site for schools, groups and universities.

u a small boat launch for canoes and kayaks


The SIWR is adjacent to the French Broad River and the presence of several wooded islands and small inlets. These aquatic and riparian habitats support an impressive diversity of wildlife species.

There are thirteen research projects currently taking place on SIWR in conjunction with such organizations as the University of Tennessee and the Tennessee Ornithological Society.

Management of the SIWR refuge is a joint effort between Knox County Parks & Recreation (Knox County Parks & Recreation) and the Seven Islands Foundation.


 Information provided by Wayne Schacher, Wildlife Biologist/Zoologist & Ed Scott, Aquatic Biologist

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